Inclement Weather Game Cancellations

December 10, 2014

Upper Canada Minor Hockey League does not have a specific policy regarding "“inclement weather" game cancellations. Game cancellation falls in the hands of the coaches of the playing teams. The league will send notification of "league wide" cancellation of play in the event of extreme, widespread weather issues. These notices are rare but will be forwarded to the association and then to teams, at which time all will be expected to comply.

Please refer to the KDMHA Incelement Weather Stratgegy for details on game cancel.ations.

Mid Season Coach Evaluation Survey

December 01, 2014

The annual Mid-Season Coaching Evaluation has been opened for KDMHA membership input. The purpose of the survey is to ensure that the Association is providing the support our teams and coaches require for a successful season. Please take the time to visit the survey and send us your input. Results are strictly confidential and are used for internal development only. The survey will close December 31, 2014.

Coach Survey

KDMHA Photo Day

October 31, 2014

Photo day for all Storm and Panthers teams is set for Tuesday Nov. 4th, Wednesday Nov 5th and Thursday Nov 6th 2014. This year our photo's will be taken at the old Kemptville Fire Hall located on Reuben Crescent

Please download, print and complete the order form with your child's information

Team Photo Schedules

October 21, 2014

This year our photo's will be taken at the old Kemptville Fire Hall located on Reuben Crescent.

All players must come dressed, bringing only their skates, gloves and stick to be put on at the hall.

An area will be provided for Goalies to put on their pads, and an area for all players to put on their skates. Mats will be placed on the floor to protect the players skates.

Our photographer this year is In Action Photography. Go to www.inactionphotography.ca, to see what our Photographer has to offer and to obtain your order form. (Our information will be added to the In Action website shortly) Please complete your order form prior to arriving for your team photo session.

Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your photo time.

Please see attached schedule for your team Photo Date and Time. If there are any conflicts with Games or Practices please contact me as soon as possible.

Team Photo Schedules
Photo Time TEAM NAME
6:00PM IP Bruins
6:15PM IP Sens
6:30PM Storm Novice H1
6:45PM Panthers Novice C4
7:00PM Panthers Novice C2
7:15PM Panthers Atom B2
7:30PM Panthers PeeWee B2
7:45PM Panthers PeeWee B1
8:00PM Panthers PeeWee C2
8:15PM --
8:30PM Panthers Bantam C1
8:45PM Panthers Bantam C2
9:00PM Storm Bantam House 1
9:15PM Panthers Midget B1
9:30PM Storm Midget C
Photo Time TEAM NAME
6:00PM IP Jets
6:15PM IP Panthers
6:30PM Storm Novice H2
6:45PM Panthers Novice B1
7:00PM Panthers Novice C3
7:15PM Panthers Atom C1
7:30PM Storm Atom House
7:45PM Storm Atom C
8:00PM Panthers Atom C2
8:15PM --
8:30PM Panthers Bantam Rep
8:45PM Panthers Major Midget
9:00PM Storm Bantam B
9:15PM Panthers Midget B2
9:30PM Storm Midget House 1
Photo Time TEAM NAME
6:00PM IP Flyers
6:15PM IP Leafs
6:30PM Panthers Novice B2
6:45PM Panthers Novice C1
7:00PM Panthers Atom Rep
7:15PM Panthers Atom B1
7:30PM Panthers PeeWee Rep
7:45PM Panthers PeeWee C1
8:00PM Storm PeeWee House
8:15PM --
8:30PM Panthers Bantam B1
8:45PM Panthers Minor Midget
9:00PM Storm Bantam House 2
9:15PM Panthers Midget B3
9:30PM Storm Midget House 2

KDMHA Panthers Apparel Sizing and Orders

October 07, 2014

KDMHA Panthers apparel sizing will be held on the following days in the lobby of the North Grenville Municipal Centre.

  • Sunday October 12, 830am-1230pm
  • Tuesday October 14, 6pm-9pm
  • Saturday October 18, 11am-2pm

Anyone unable to make the above dates can submit their orders to equipment@kemptvillehockey.com no later than October 19, 2014.

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